-Content Warning: This game contains scenes of gore, suicide, depression, self harm, and childhood trauma. Player discretion advised.
-RenPyWeb is still in beta. If you are unable to play the beta from your browser, please download the executable version below.
-Music will begin to play on launch.
-This version will take approximately 5 minutes to play.
-The beta releases are not representative of the final game, and are subject to change.

Are you a lonely lycanthrope? Are you in search of a lupine lover?
Then come on down to Cafe Demonside,  and meet your match at our first ever Werewolf Speed Dating event! Just wander into the forest until the pines glow red. We're waiting.

Demonside is a choice-based, gay, dating simulator where you play Bartholomew, a werewolf struggling to fit into society. Find the meaning of true love as you dissect Bartholomew's identity and meet new friends.


Game by Ryoma Marta-Sugawara (@ryomams)
Music by Brandon Keener
Concept Assistance by Annie Zhang (@silvremist)
Submitted to the 2020 I Can't Write Jam.

FAQ (Or... questions I anticipate being asked)

  • What's with the "Beta"?
    Glad you asked! I'm planning to turn Demonside into a full-fledged game. (My goal is to release by Halloween 2020.) Thus, I decided to create and submit a "public beta" to the I Can't Write Jam to 1) light a fire under my ass and 2) get some much needed feedback.
  • What's in this version?
    As of Public Beta 1.0, this version includes part of the intro with visuals.

  • Are there going to be more public betas?
    Yes! I will continue to release public betas until the introduction is finished and there is at least one dating sequence.

  • Will the full version of Demonside be paid?
    Yup, if everything goes according to plan! On release, the paid version will have fully colored pixel art, a full OST,  three dating segments, and four main endings. The free web demo will have fully colored pixel art and will end after the first dating segment. Price TBA on release.

Please leave any feedback you can below! All of your comments are greatly appreciated. <3


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Development log


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do you have plans to translate this game into more languages?


Unfortunately, because of how overworked I am, I'm not prioritizing translations. However, once I end up publishing a final draft, I'm very interested in translating Demonside into Spanish, French, and Japanese. Don't count on it happening anytime soon, sorry!


Finally got to play this. I loved it. It really hit on some of my childhood (and some more recent) experiences in a way that other things haven't before. The writing, your art, Brandon's music all made me so enthralled by it. I can't wait to play whatever you make next Ryoma.


Felt like the depression I've always known, although maybe not as gruesome. I'm a little confused about if the tail/ears are a metaphor for the depression (others can't or refuse to see it, but it's so obvious) or if Bea's tail really exists and others literally, like physically, just can't see it, but the tone and writing style is spot-on. God bless the USA for its terrible healthcare system and bureaucratic extortion. /sarcasm


Thanks for the feedback! I hope to have that answered with the official release. Stay tuned :D


nice! I'm looking forward to the full release :)


Really awesome art style. 


Very interesting start to what could be a great story, looking forward to the full release :)


I really love the rad music!!!Super cute drawing style too. Cant wait for next update :))!


I had such a pleasantly miserable feeling throughout reading this. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the finished version!

Really love the art style as well.


Thanks for playing!! :D