Delay. Again.

Hey y'all!

I'll cut right to it-- I'm gonna be releasing the second beta before I release the final version, but I'm not releasing it this Halloween. In addition, I'm not gonna hold myself to a December release date, even if I plan for it. But for now, I am still working off the assumption that I'll release the full game before January. For fear of compromising my  security questions, I'm not gonna disclose what's happening with me this week, but I have a lot on my plate. (Not to mention the fact that university is lowkey cutthroat and you'd think we'd have less work during COVID, but NO! Some of these people give ZERO fucks! Like bruh I also got a JOB!!)

While I'm certain that this isn't the most contentious delay announced this week, and (judging by's weak analytics) a large percentage of you probably aren't tracking Demonside's progress daily, I thought it was only fair to announce this as soon as possible despite my hindrances.

So, until the next beta, I wish you well-- and please be sure to take care of your mental health. Crunch is never worth it.

To quote the man himself,

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We're anticipating the release, but we're also patient. Lives come before games! (Wish big publishers knew that too)


That's okay! Take all the time you need, your mental health comes first!


thank you!! <3