Upon clicking run, the game will open in this same window, full screen. Click back in your browser to exit.

Approximate Playtime: 5-10 minutes per run

by @ryomams and Mitchell Kanazawa
for UC Santa Cruz's Global Game Jam 2021 Site
hosted by the Game Design and Art Collaboration

Global Game Jam 2021 Theme: "Lost and Found"

Photos provided by unsplash.com.

Made using Sugarcube for Twine.


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Super fun! I loved the humor of the times table (I was expecting something much easier but BLAM! it was super hard).

I thought there was a problem at first because I couldn't see all of the dialogue at time but it turns out I had to zoom out to see all the text, but that might be because I have a somewhat lower resolution laptop (1440 x 900)?

Cute, and perfectly short and sweet!


Surely I won't end up with all kinds of swag (nary a clue)